Friday, June 27, 2008

CrossFit - 27Jun (pm)

Worked out with Steve today. It was one of his first CrossFit workouts. I used him as a guinea pig for my Intro to CrossFit PowerPoint presentation and WOD. Unfortunately, his friend that was supposed to come didn't show up, so I had to join Steve in the WOD, lest he take it easy and think this stuff isn't hard. It really wasn't fun at all, considering how rough this morning's WOD was. Oh well, I'm pretty sure he's hooked. So it looks like I've got a new training partner!

AMRAP in 10-min:

- 5 Pull-ups
- 10 "Ammo Can" Thrusters, 25-lbs
- 15 Squats

Total: 11 Rounds + 5 Pull-ups

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