Saturday, October 11, 2008

CA WOD - 11Oct08

Snatch: 150 (5-lbs PR) *Missed 155 because some idiot walked right in front of me as I was staring the second pull. The bar was way high enough, I just lost focus. Grrrrr...

C&J: 210 (Failed on the Jerk), only got one attempt because I was told I couldn't jerk anymore since I dumped the weight (how rude of me :rolleyes). Double Grr...

Front Squat: 275 (20-lbs PR!).

Not a bad day, I'm a little annoyed with the gym - considering that it's full of idiots - but whatcha gonna do?

Here are the halftime stats for the first 8 weeks of the Catalyst Athletics cycle:

Back Squat - 345 x 1 (305 x 3 x 5) *Low bar (Unchanged)
Front Squat - 275 x 1 (Old 255 x 1) +20
Overhead Squat - 205 x 1 (Old 175 x 1) +30
Deadlift - 390 x 1 (365 x 4)
Clean - 210 (Old 200) +10
BTN Jerk - 225 (Old 200) +25
Snatch - 150 (Old 130) +20

I would say that the first 8 weeks have been a success! I've got some things to work on (more solid in the hole on the cleans, upping the weight significantly on the jerk), but all-in-all, I couldn't be more pleased with the results from only 8 weeks (actually, it was only 7 weeks because I took a week off to go on vacation). I'm really excited about getting started with the next 8 weeks!

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danielle benford said...

Have I told you, lately, that I love you?!? <3 You are the man of my dreams. xoxoxo