Thursday, October 30, 2008

Olympic Lifting - 30Oct08

3:00 Rowing
DROM drills
Air Squats
OHS w/ Broomstick

Muscle Snatch - 145 x 1
Snatch - 165 x 1 (15-lbs PR!!!)
Clean & Jerk - 185 x 1

Today was my first day back to the full lifts since I tweaked my knee. It felt solid today, no issues. I'm not sure where the snatch PR came from, I had intended to go to 145 and stop but it came up easy. So I threw on 155 (PR) and it went up easy too. I decided to try 165 and stuck it on my first attempt. It felt solid, and I might've had another 5-lbs in me, but I didn't want to push my luck. 15-lbs is more than enough for one day! Mad props to Catalyst Athletics for giving me the tools (for free!!!) to improve my lifts!

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