Friday, February 20, 2009

Pull-Up Competition - 19Feb09

They had a pull-up competition on base today. The rules are simple: any grip, full extension at the bottom, chin over the hands, no body part can touch the machine other than the hands, kipping is allowed.

The gym sets up a stand alone dip/pullup station (that wobbles if you pull too hard) in the hallway outside the gym entrance and we get started.

Andy, another CrossFitter with 50 pull-ups on a normal bar, managed 31 with a very minimal kip. I was 3rd from last and was forced to stop at 31 when my knee hit the back pad on the machine. Since Andy and I were tied, we had to go again (after about a 5 minute rest for each of us). This time he got 28 - again with a VERY minimal kip. I found a good circular kipping rhythm early and managed to get 40 (which is a PR, since it's only the 2nd time I've ever tried to max out).

I think there might be something to this CrossFit least when it comes to pull-ups. ;-)

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Nick said...

I wish I would have stuck around for sudden death.