Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catalyst Athletics - 12Aug (pm)

- Rowing 3:00
- Dynamic ROM Drills

- Power Clean + Push Jerk - 2 + 2 x 5 Sets (medium weight) 155-lbs
- KB Swing Heavy x 15 x 3  75-lbs
- Box Jumps - 30 Total  30"
- Ab work of choice GHD x 15 x 3

Used 155-lbs for the PC/PJ. My stuff still hasn't made it here so I had to use my Vibram Five Finger shoes. They worked alright, but I really want my lifting shoes.

The 30" box was the biggest they had, I need to get my hands on a 36" box.

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5am Crossfit said...

I have seen your post on CFHQ comments, good to see you on CA WODs now.

I have had trouble doing just the CA WODs. I found it very, vey taxing to my CNS, especially the second week. I am looking forward to following your blog.

Pat McElhone