Sunday, October 7, 2007

Army 10-Miler - 7Oct (am)

Finished the Army 10-Miler in 1:13:37, a 7:20 minutes per mile pace - right on target for my goal. I definately could've gone 5-10 seconds per mile faster, but I'm glad I stuck to my race plan. I felt really good the whole way and passed people the entire second half of the race. I was extremely impressed with how organized the event was and will definately run this race again.

So, even though I run alot less total mileage than I previously did, my pace was actually a little bit better this time around than in the Army 10-mile Qualifier that I ran in May. I guess Coach Glassman is on to something... :-)

My overall ranking was #1127 out of 17,633 runners. Not too bad, I'm definately happy with it. Next time I run it, I'll be in the top 1,000.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB....I believe you said youw wanted to finish in the top did a little better then that!!!! ANd you couldn't do handstand push ups? LOL Again...GOOD JOB on the race!!!