Sunday, March 9, 2008

CSM Challenge - 7Mar (am)

Ken, Dar, and I met with the Command Sergeant Major this morning for his PT Challenge. And did we get our asses handed to us. We started out with some stretching and then headed over to the pull-up bars. First exercise, 20 dead-hang pull-ups. Not a bad way to start out the morning. We then did a set of 30 close-grip push-ups, followed by 6 more sets of 15 pull-ups/chin-ups and 30 close-grip push-ups. All of us got "the tap" on the final set of pull-ups.

From here, we ran to the NEX - about 2.5 miles - and went straight into a set of 100 sit-tucks followed by a set of 100 crunches. After a quick water break, we resumed pushing them out. 200 "reverse-grip curb push-ups" broken up into sets of 25. Then 100 close-grip curb push-ups, in sets of 25. Lastly, 100 wide-grip curb push-ups. All the push-ups were broken up into sets of 5s and 10s...while the CSM was easily banging out sets of 25s. The final exercise was another 200 sit tucks.

Even though we didn't get the liberty chits, it was still a great time. Nothing like spending an hour and a half getting your ass handed to you to start out the day.

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