Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CrossFit - 1Jul (am)

- Jogging 2-ish minutes from the parking lot to the gym (running late)


- Thrusters, 95-lbs
- Pull-ups

We're starting to get a little CrossFit group going on over here. There were 5 of us today. Since I'm trying to get us a few days behind the mainpage so everyone can see the workout and exercises, I had to pick a WOD. I chose Fran so all the newbies can see how devastating a 5-minute workout can be. I went first and I guess having an audience full of new guys helped push me to a 23-second PR!

Note: Tore open my left hand again. same place as last time. I even shaved down my callouses yesterday. My hands really need to adjust to this bar!

Nutrition: Intermittent Fasting for about 15-hours pre-WOD.

Time: 3:57

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