Sunday, July 6, 2008

CrossFit - 7Jul (pm)

- Rowing 5:00
- Deadlifting (ascending weight)

290 x 1 x 5

"Death by Pull-up"
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

I really started getting the Butterfly Pull-up down pat today. It felt really good when I got a good rhythm going. I'll keep working on it, because it definitely helps develop more coordination. (And it's faster...haha)

Completed 20 Rounds + 13 pull-ups
Total 213 Pull-ups

Note: Tore open my left hand again. Good news is that it was under my middle finger and not the same one as last time. Tennis elbow is still sore and a very slightly swollen, but icing is helping.

Intermittent Fasting: About 15 hours between dinner/breakfast. WOD was done 3 hours post-lunch.

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