Friday, November 9, 2007

PRT - 9Nov (am)

Ran the Navy PRT this morning.

-Max "Curl ups" (Navy's weak version of a sit up) in 2 min
- Rest 2 min
- Max Pushups in 2 min
- Rest 10 min
- Run 1.5 miles

- 101 Curl ups (Max required)
- 85 Pushups (Max required - finished in 1:02)
- 8:51

I'm pretty happy with these results. I could've easily banged out 120 curlups and 100+ pushups, but since I maxed out my scores, there's no point in doing just takes away from the run (which I needed to finish faster than 8:55). As for the run, it was only about 7 seconds slower than the last PRT 6 months ago when ALL I did was run. Considering the leaps and bounds that I've improved at EVERYTHING else, I'm very very happy with the time.

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